Why Your Small Business Needs a Content Management Strategy

Why Your Small Business Needs a Content Management Strategy

Do you enjoy fishing? Whether or not you spend time on the lake, you know there are two ways to go about things: you can put any type of hookin the water and hope for the best, or you can learn where the best spot is, add bait to attract a specific type of fish, and have a net ready for when the fish bites. Which strategy is more effective? Of course, it’s the one where you create an attraction in a big lake of elusive of fish to get your desired result. Content management is a lot like fishing. The internet is a massive place filled with people and other businesses that you want to “bite” at your content. Without knowing where to place your hook, or having a system in place to net successful bites, you are simply tossing a line out there and missing out on tons of opportunities.

What is a content management strategy and how can you create one? Let’s dive in and find out.

What is a content management strategy?

A content management strategy is a plan that collects, organizes, and publishes your marketing information.

What needs to be considered in your content management strategy?

Collection: Where is the content coming from? Are you creating it yourself? Hiring a copywriting? Re-posting relevant topics created by others? Using a combination of these collection points?

Organization: When and where will your content be published? On your blog? On Facebook? On Instagram? As guest posts on other websites? On LinkedIn? On multiple platforms?

Publishing: How will you publish? Directly on your social media pages? In print? By using a conveniently multi-posting platform like HootSuite? How will you respond to comments and queries? How will you gauge if your content is successful?

A successful strategy

A successful content management strategy first identifies your target audience in both geographic location and age/needs demographics. Your strategy must include content that matches your business’ brand voice and ethics. You need to be prepared to respond promptly to comments and questions, and you must devote time to studying the analytics provided by each posting platform to identify when to change, enhance, or keep going with your strategy.

No time for a content marketing strategy?

Of course, in this busy world, few entrepreneurs have time to set aside for content management. It takes a great deal of time and some monetary investment to set a good content management strategy in motion. The good news is, you don’t have to set aside the time or learn the ins and out of digital marketing, because Great West Digital will create a customized strategy for you.

Great West Digital is the local choice for small businesses across Alberta. With dedicated platforms and websites across the province, Great West Digital has all the tools you need to customize a strategy that is right for your business, deploy it, and monitor it so it remains effective. There are many different tools – Great West Digital determines which ones are right for your brand.

You would never go on a serious fishing trip without a plan, so don’t push content out into an already content-heavy market without having a way for your brand to stand out and be effective. Contact Great West Digital today and let us handle your content management strategy. Content is the affordable, fast, way to advertise in today’s world, and we are experts in creating contentstrategies that work.


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