About Us

Who Are We?

Great West Digital is your local provider of the most proven digital marketing tools, including responsive websites, sponsored content, social media marketing, and so much more. We are the digital branch of Great West Newspapers, a Canadian newspaper publisher headquartered in St. Albert. Great West is one of Alberta’s most trusted news sources with 10 print publications and 9 digital publications across the province.

What Makes Us Different?

Experience. This is what sets Great West Digital apart. We have partnered with thousands of businesses of all sizes, from home-based small businesses to the nationwide corporations, to make effective ad campaigns that stand out and get noticed. Our customized approach is second to none – there is no one-size-fits all method. Each campaign starts with your dedicated account manager who works with you to design a strategy that completely aligns with your goals, needs, and branding. Our campaigns are monitored daily, allowing agility to quickly make changes and ensure your campaign remains as effective as possible throughout its run.

Why Does Local Matter?

Advertising your local company through a local digital agency and online newspaper instantly creates trust, and therefore, higher engagement. Your local agency has a great industry reputation – one that is instantly transferred to you and your brand when leveraging our province-wide platform.

Why Digital?

Digital advertising is cost-effective and, well, just plain effective! You can get more than double the reach for a fraction of the price over print ads. Digital ads also organically promote sharing across social networks, especially when methods such as story-based sponsored content is used. Agility is the underlying factor of digital ads, meaning your strategy can be changed or enhanced mid-run depending on how it is performing.


Why We Care?

Our digital strategists are local experts that shop at your stores, that know your brands, and are active in the same communities in which you operate. We are just as invested in your success as you are, and it is our pleasure to help you create the online campaigns you need. Contact us today for trusted, experienced, digital marketing that always gets results.