Why Now is the Right Time to Lean into Digital Marketing

Why Now is the Right Time to Lean into Digital Marketing

As a small business owner, you’ve heard it all before: “To succeed you need to be innovative! Agile! A Visionary!” Okay, those are great catchphrases, but what do they actually mean? We can’t all be Zuckerbergs, Bezoses, or Bransons and create multi-million dollar empires from a single idea. What any business owner can do, however, is apply the concepts innovative, agility and vision to their current reality. Instead of pledging to make millions in five years, why not just look at what you can do right now to increase market share?

In a post-pandemic stricken economy, one of the best things you can do to be agile and progressive is to embrace the innovation, agility, and vision of digital marketing.

What makes digital marketing a good choice right now?

When things change, the people and businesses that survive are the ones that change with the times. Despite previous successes, what worked in the past simply may nor work in the future because the entire world has changed. Embracing digital marketing right now is a smart choice because the digital sphere is designed for rapid evolution. Digital marketing is agile.

Digital marketing uses a very wide array of channels, enabling business owners to focus their marketing dollars on the streams (social media, programmatic display, sponsored content, e-news, etc.) that will net the best results. Because of these many options, business owners can leverage one stream consistently, or shift among them based on their needs. For example, it is easy to put out sponsored content for brand awareness, but twice a year include a social media ad campaign to promote a bi-annual sale.

The cost-effective choice

The reason why business owners can shift among digital marketing’s many offerings is because it is so affordable. While newsprint, television, and billboard ads represent a large investment, digital ads are much cheaper while reaching a much broader (yet targeted) audience. In fact, that targeting is the “secret” of digital advertising! Thanks to real-time analytics, anyone can see exactly how their digital ads are performing. It’s as simple as logging into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, etc,. and viewing ready-made daily reports. You know exactly what is working, when it’s working, and who those ads are reaching. Information is power and with digital advertising, that information is always right at your fingertips.

Things are not the same – your strategy can’t be either

Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes, and we are seeing that in brick-and-mortar stores that now have a strong e-commerce platform, in restaurants that have created special takeout menus and meal kits, and in the plethora of business services now offered online (from doctor consultation to video birthday parties). Right now, doing what you did in the past and expecting success is too risky, especially when the fast, affordable, option of digital marketing is available.

Great West Digital will help

Great West Digital has everything you need to help you make the shift to online marketing. From building responsive websites to personalizing sponsored content, from social media to programmatic displays, let our experienced team show you how a small change in your marketing strategy can make a very big difference in your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more.


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