How visual data makes reporting digestible

How visual data makes reporting digestible

Reporting is the worst part of digital marketing. Campaigns use multiple systems—from Facebook to Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers to Google Analytics—and consolidating those reports is a huge pain. But does reporting have to be difficult?

The answer is no. We believe in common sense reporting at Great West Digital. Rather than making our customers read through a mountain of spreadsheets, we’ve integrated into a system that translates data into visual elements that are easy to understand.

How do you know if web data is increasing? Our system identifies key performance indicators (KPIs) with visual graphs that highlight success with lots of bells and whistles. That means if your product is working, you know it. When it stops, you know it. Our goal is full transparency.

How our reporting it works

We’re leveraging industry leading software to ensure our clients get the information they need. That means if you have metrics you need us to track, we can customize your portal to provide you with those metrics.

Great West Digital Reporting Platform

Great West Digital’s reporting offers the ability to break down reports in simple-to-understand metrics.

All of our clients with long-term commitments get added to this system. We can work with you to funnel your existing reports into our system, and that includes your reports from other providers. The most common solution we do this with is website traffic. We don’t need to host your website to monitor your traffic. We can work with your existing provider to show how your products are working with our services.

The result is a coherent set of reports that shows how your products work together. We can combine reports into a single dashboard. Want to see the relation between radio spots and web traffic? Our reports have that capability.

Constant transparency

Reporting is one of the biggest complaints we hear during our client discovery process. Gone are the days of waiting for a sales rep to tell you how your products are working. A good reporting system lets users access data 24/7. Our system is a good system.

That means you can see how your Boxing Day ads are performing on Christmas morning, even though a sales rep might be enjoying time off with their family.

Our reporting system is just one way that Great West Digital puts its clients first. Contact us today to learn how we can bring new life to your digital reports.


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