News Media Websites – The Best Place to Advertise

News Media Websites – The Best Place to Advertise

The headlines seem dire. “Post media to close Alberta community newspapers in Hinton, Edson and Lacombe,” says one. “The steady decline of print advertising revenue in recent years has been exacerbated by the health crisis, prompting publishers to lay off hundreds of journalists, shutter papers and ask readers for donations,” quotes another article. “Fifteen newspapers [close] In Manitoba, Southern Ontario amid huge revenue declines,” is just one more example of many. For small and mediums sized businesses (SMEs) that rely on advertising, what’s the solution? One of the most effective ways to engage in newspaper advertising right now is through the growing sector of online news media.

Why Online Newspapers?

Online newspapers have a much further reach. Some media papers have specific brands in each market. For example, Great West Newspapers operates nine online publications across northern, central, and southern Alberta, allowing advertisers to target one geographical market, or to easily target the all nine locations. The reach doesn’t stop there. Great West Newspapers’ story-based advertorials are designed to be shared on social media. Each ad is not only viewed by the target market, it is organically shared among personal networks. In March 2020, Great West Newspapers’ publications topped 2.5 million page views across its brand.

More reasons to advertise on news media websites

Your community newspaper is a trusted source. Readers are already going to this source for information they can rely on. When you partner with a digital community newspaper, that trust is extended to your brand.

The digital publication must advertise too – you benefit from the media’s self promotion that is designed to draw traffic to the site.

Advertising online is more affordable and agile than placing print ads, which is why online news media is a rapidly growing industry. Don’t get left behind as the world continues to change.

Branding is easier when advertising with online news media. Your logo and brand identity reach a larger market, and direct links to your social media sites and website create instant engagement.

Since your marketing dollars go further with news media advertising, you can advertise more – something that is vital for SMEs to do during an economic downturn.

Try it today

Great West Digital is the online branch of Great West Newspapers. Both brands have a longstanding history of journalism and marketing across Alberta. Readers trust the Great West name. The company itself, being both print and digital, easily keeps pace with a world that continues to evolve. Contact Great West Digital today to learn how online media advertising could be the affordable game changer you need.








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