Reach Your Customers in Times of Crisis

Reach Your Customers in Times of Crisis

As COVID-19 continues to sweep over the globe, we are seeing a lot of positive collaboration among governments and nations. However, one of the (many) downsides of the pandemic is the effect it has on small business. With large gatherings prohibited and businesses of all sizes temporarily closing their doors, small business owners are turning to creative ways to reach their clients and keep their companies afloat. But how can you reach your customers and engage with them while they are struggling with their own issues of job loss and layoffs? This blog explains how Great West Digital can help

Who We Are And What We Do

Great West Digital is the digital branch of Great West Newspapers. Through our history in print and early adoption of digital media/advertising in Alberta, we have many years’ experience in helping businesses reach their customers through all kinds of economic conditions.

Our products include smart, effective, holistic marketing strategies that get results through customized sponsored content, programmatic displays, responsive websites, on-network displays, and localized SEO.

Why Digital Makes Such a Difference

Digital is adaptable and responsive – vital attributes in a world that now changes hour to hour. We constantly monitor and report on the success of your campaigns so if things change or your demographic shifts, we can tweak and relaunch in hours, if not minutes. Our report generation ensures your message reaches your target audience and engages them. You are not casting a wide net and hoping to snare interested viewers. You are putting your message directly in front of those that need to see it the most.

Why Advertise Now?

Advertising is not just displaying your products and services. It is informing your customers of the value your brand offers. Right now you need to keep your customers in the loop on how they can access your products (online, shipping, parking lot drop off) if your doors are closed. Or, you may need to let them know about a change in operating hours and in-store sanitization protocols.

Many small businesses are also doubling down on their sponsored content and blogs right now. This content is not direct advertising, but instead shows your company’s expertise. For example, your blogs can explain how to use your products, describe the history of your family business, celebrate milestones, or be a piece that talks about how much you value your customers. Sponsored content and blogs are powerhouses when it comes to brand recognition, brand identity, and customer engagement.

Another advantage of digital content is SEO – search engine optimization.  Notice how some content online gets shown to you first when you use Google while other content pages are pushed to the third or fourth page? Those on the first page have been expertly optimized to sync with Google’s algorithms and help win the race to the front page. SEO isn’t something that happens by mistake. It’s a carefully thought out process that includes everything from keyword placement to headings to pictures and even word counts.


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