Link Building with Content

Link Building with Content

What is link building? Why is it important? These are two questions that will be answered in today’s blog. If you are ready to create more powerful online content that builds up your brand identity, keep reading!

What is link building?

Link building the act of using hyperlinks strategically to enhance your online content. These links allow readers to click and have instant access to other webpages that support your topic, brand, or idea.

Why is link building important?

Link building is important because it provides credibility to your story or advert, builds brand awareness, enables partner support, and directly engages the reader – who is your client, buyer, or potential new consumer.

What type of links are important to have in my content?

Website backlinks are links that take the reader directly to your website. These are important in any content that does not appear directly on your site. Advertorials in online news media and guest blogs on other sites should have your website backlink so the readers can easily find you online.

Cross promotion links are needed if you have partnered with another brand on a product launch, promotion, etc. Your advertorial, blogs, and press releases need to contain links to both companies featured.

Research links allow your readers to instantly verify statistics and facts without having to scroll to the bottom of the copy to read the bibliography. Linking to Statistics Canada, for example, when discussing Canadian demographics such as the population, shows the reader that you have used a credible research source. It also gives the reader direct access to more updated information if they come across your article a few years later and a new census has taken place.

Social media links direct the reader to your social media channels. Never pass up the opportunity to direct readers to where they can engage and share your stories, videos, contests, and promotions. Social media is highly visual and interactive, which is why its such a great place for brand building.

Blog links allow your readers to quickly find other blogs on your site. End your current blogs with a line or two about other blogs you have written. It’s as simple as using a line like this: Enjoyed this blog about the best pizza toppings? Click here for our blog on six fruits you can grill, and here for our blog on coffee and dessert parings. Hyperlink the words “here” to those blogs. The longer you keep your readers engaged on your site, the faster you build a relationship, and your brand identity, with them.

Great West Digital adds links to your story-based copy

Story-based advertorials are a very popular advertising medium used on our online news network. We add appropriate hyperlinks to your advertorials, which helps to build your brand and direct traffic to your website and your social media. This is just one of the many strategies we use to provide you with brand-building content. Contact us today to learn more.

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