Why Your Business Needs A Digital Marketing Strategy

Why Your Business Needs A Digital Marketing Strategy

You know that your company needs a digital presence in order to be successful, but do you know why? Today we will explore why your business needs a digital marketing strategy, and how you can get one that works.

A digital marketing strategy for visibility

Quick, go grab your Yellow Pages and look up…oh wait. You can’t. That’s because most people no longer use the Yellow Pages. They use Google or another search engine. Without a digital presence, you won’t be found by the 85+ per cent of Canadians that use the Internet every single day. You’ll have to rely on word of mouth or foot/web traffic to your location, and when you have a small business, that just won’t cut it. Your digital presence is like a handshake. It introduces customers to who you are and inspires them to learn more. Without it you attract just a fraction of your full potential audience.

A digital marketing strategy to be competitive

Your competitor is not just the company down the street with a similar product. These days you can get anything and everything online – and from almost anywhere in the world. To remain competitive, you need digital strategy that explains why your customers should choose you over anyone else. It could be your expert knowledge, your rapid shipping, your customer service – they won’t know if you don’t have a medium to tell them.

A digital marketing strategy to boost your SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of adding keywords to your online content so when people look for your products and services by Googling phrases like “best locally roasted coffee” or “best nail salon,” your website pops up on the first page of results. If you don’t have a digital strategy, you’ll wind up using keywords that are not effective for your site, or worse, run afoul of Google’s always-changing algorithms, wasting your marketing dollars and receiving a low ROI.

How to get a digital marketing strategy that works

You could spend time reading up on the many different social media platforms, SEO, SEM, PPC, optimized content, best time of day to post anything, market trends and more. But, wouldn’t you rather spend that time working on the business you love?

To get a digital marketing strategy that works, trust the experts at Great West Digital. We have the expertise and the manpower to customize a strategy for you that gets the right content with the right kind of optimisation on the right platforms. Then we will monitor that content to ensure it keeps working hard for you, no matter what the trends or algorithms are up to.

You need a digital marketing strategy to be visible, competitive, and to take advantage of the high ROI that SEO can offer. Don’t delay in boosting your brand. Contact Great West Digital today and let our team show you what a digital marketing strategy can do for your business.

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