Why it’s Time to Start Creating Your Marketing Recovery Plan for Post COVID-19

Why it’s Time to Start Creating Your Marketing Recovery Plan for Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic hit businesses hard, and as many opinion columns in the news are warning, “things will never be the same.” It’s true that things change after each world-impacting event, but with some creativity and foresight, you can create some advantages for your business. That is, if you start planning now.

Why plan now?

The economy is already starting to open up, but with restrictions in place to ensure the safety of workers and employers. It is not feasible to return to “business as usual.” The time to define how your business will look and operate in the future is now. If you wait until more business are open, your competition will be miles ahead.Right now you have the opportunity to create a plan so when your doors are open, you can hit the ground running with all the safety measures in place.

Your customers need to know your plan

Once you decide how your post-pandemic operations will look, you need to inform your customers. They need to know if they must book ahead for appointments, if they can purchase your goods and services online, if your brick-and-mortar location allows only a set number in at a time, if masks are required in store, and if you are providing hand sanitizer at the door. The way to inform your customers is through an engaging marketing strategy that both promotes your brand and ensures your customers of their safety.

Doing this now means less confusion among your employees and customers when the doors open, because everyone will be aware of the expectations.

Planning now means saving marketing dollars

One of the best ways to market during the pandemic is to leverage digital advertising. Since many people are socially distancing, static ads (such as those seen in malls and billboards), are going unnoticed. People are, however, on their devices. Social media ads, sponsored content, and digital newspapers are getting more views than ever before. In fact, in March, Great West Digital’s news network hit more than 2 million page views across Alberta! Digital advertisers are getting noticed.

Test drive new marketing strategies

Since digital marketing is so agile and affordable, now is also a great time to test drive some marketing strategies you didn’t have time for previously. It’s a great time to redesign your website, add e-commerce, launch a SEO optimized blog, and look into sponsored content. Digital marketing is easily tracked; through analytics you get fast access to which digital advertising streams are the most effective. This can carry through to when your marketing stops being about your COVID-19 compliance and returns to more direct advertising of your products and services.

Great West Digital can help

Great West Digital is a leader in Alberta in creating customizable, affordable, digital marketing strategies and responsive websites. We’ve helped many businesses that are using this time to redefine their advertising strategies, and we look forward to helping you explore your options too. Contact us today to learn more.


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