What are the World’s Most Successful Marketers doing?

What are the World’s Most Successful Marketers doing?

With today’s endless array of marketing options from traditional media to dynamic digitals, businesses of all sizes are trying to find their best fit. Facebook marketing? Instagram stories? SEO blogs? The menu of possibilities has never been greater. The key is to find the medium that best suits your brand. For example, a photographer leverages Instagram to showcase their work, while a lawyer’s optimized blogs directs clients to his or her door.

Today let’s look at what the most successful marketers are doing, and how their actions are keeping their brands in the spotlight.


Instagram’s own account, @Instagram, boasts more than 300 million followers. While the (often disturbing) trend of the “influencer” has made Instagram a hot spot for models and brand ambassadors, Instagram itself has never waivered from showing what it was meant to be – a place to share photos and art from around the world. @Instagram reposts beautiful photos, videos, and dreamy artwork from contributors while detailing the stories behind the visuals.

What makes Instagram a successful marketer: Instagram knows its purpose and its message and has not waivered, even though the brand has become exploited by influencers. It is a successful brand because it sticks to its vision.


There are about 7.1 billion people on the planet – and 1.4 billion Apple devices. Every single person in America could own an Apple device and there would still be millions upon millions left to hand out in other nations!

What makes Apple a successful marketer: Apple devices are costly, fragile, and don’t always have their consumer’s best interests in mind, but Apple knows how to create a need. The world did just fine without smartphones until brands like Apple told us we couldn’t live without them. Now, many people couldn’t imagine life without their phone. Apple created a market and serves that market aggressively.

Oscar Mayer

Admit it. You read that title and you instantly sang that catchy jingle, didn’t you? Richard D. Trentlage, the man behind the jingle, heard about the contest Oscar Mayer was running the night before. He created the “Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener” ditty in under an hour. Oscar Mayer ran that jingle from 1963 to 2010, expanding the ad to 21 countries in the process.

What makes Oscar Mayer a successful marketer: Several aspects put Oscar Mayer in our marketing hall of fame. First, they tapped into a large market – the general public – to source branding, effectively giving people a stake (or a wiener?) in the end result. Second, they stuck with what worked for nearly 50 years. If it’s not broke don’t fix it, right? Third, they knew when to move on. Despite the popularity of the jingle, it was retired when the time was right. This company knows how to move with the times.

You can become a successful marketer too

You don’t have to be Instagram, Apple, or Oscar Mayer to successfully market your brand. Companies all across Alberta are having great success reaching target markets locally and abroad with help from Great West Digital. By combining the things that make marketing work (core values of the company, niche branding, catchy and memorable copy, etc.) with the incredible reach of digital technology, you and your company can take your rightful place among the most successful marketers in the world.  Don’t just dream about it. Call us today and let us help you show your brand to the world.

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