Tips for Effective Digital Display Ads

Tips for Effective Digital Display Ads

According to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), Canadians love their screen time. CIRA’s 2019 Canada’s Internet Factbook states that 1 in 5 of us can’t go longer than 8 hours without getting our online fix, 3 out of 4 are logged into the internet while simultaneously watching television, and 46 per cent can’t even put the phone down when they are doing their business in the washroom! That’s a lot of time staring at laptops and smartphones.

Why Are Digital Display Ads Important?

Advertisers are quick to take notice of these numbers because they also represent a shift in how consumers want to get their information. To be competitive in today’s market, your strategy needs to include digital display ads – without them you are not reaching a large and important part of your demographic.

What Makes an Effective Digital Display Ad?

When someone goes online they are not thinking, “oh boy! I can’t wait to see which ads pop up while I’m reading a recipe on Pinterest!” It’s true… not all digital display ads are effective. However, with the right information, timing, and placement, your ad can be something viewers want to click on, not swipe away as they continue browsing online.

Less is More

Display ads should give the reader all the information they need in one glance. They should not be cluttered with verbiage or stuffed with visuals. Flashing gifs and garish colours are annoying, not eye catching. Something simple and sleek with good use of white space will catch the readers’ eye and entice them to learn more.

Images Matter

The quality of your images (photos, animations, line drawings, etc.) must be crisp and clean. If sourcing copyright-free images, only use high-resolution ones. Fuzzy and low-resolution photos cheapen the message and the brand.

Never use a stock image from a paid site unless you have purchased it and have obtained it without a watermark. Images stamped with “Getty” or “iStock” show viewers that you have essentially ripped off the site and cannot be trusted. It shows a lack of integrity and an unwillingness to take the proper steps for your brand, which is definitely not the image you want to portray.

Call to Action

Once you have created a sleek and minimal display ad with a high-resolution image that, with one glance, clearly indicates your brand and product, you must have a call to action.

Make it easy for your customers to find you and learn more. Have a button or link they can click that goes directly to your website. The call to action doesn’t stop there. Your website should have contact information that is quick and easy to find. If you have eCommerce on your site, your shipping information should be accessible with one click.

Expert Advice Means Outstanding Results

Before you place your digital ad online, you must make sure it will reach your intended market. Make your ads work even better for you by having them created, analyzed, placed and marketed by a digital agency you can trust. Great West Digital is the local choice with the marketing experience you can count on. We have modern advertising solutions for the digital age. Contact us today to learn more.

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