Tips for Creating Video Content for Social Media

Tips for Creating Video Content for Social Media

Videos on your business’ social media are great way to engage with your audience, but only if they are done right. Let’s explore how to create videos that drive sales and conversions, but first, which platforms are best suited for this type of media?

Choosing Platforms for Videos

Some platforms are deigned exclusively for videos, such as Tik Tok and the now defunct Vine. However, that doesn’t mean they are a good fit for your business. Tik Tok is more about sharing lip syncing, talent, and comedy – not explainer videos and product demonstrations. When it comes to videos for your business, stick to sites that have been historically business-friendly, like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Outstanding videos require an investment of time and money; save on both by creating videos that can be played on several social media channels. This means looking up the video requirements for each platform and choosing elements that are common, such as video length. The exception to this is YouTube, where longer videos are the norm. However, bear in mind that if you do produce a longer video, you can show a snippet of it on Facebook, for example, with a link to the full video on You Tube.

Now, let’s get into the tips that make for great video content.

Tips for Social Media Videos

  1. Quality matters

It’s tempting to just rush through the process so you can push out as much content as possible, especially when large and popular aggregator sites are posting new content every day. However, always go for quality over quantity. Take the time to produce videos worth watching. It’s okay to post one quality video a week or even one video per month, as opposed to several videos a week that make people feel like they wasted their time by watching.

  1. Have a point

Before you make your video, plan it out. Make sure it has a focus, that it sticks to that focus, and that your audience has learned something by the end of it.

  1. It’s not about direct advertising

While some of your videos can be advertising copy, it is best to treat your videos like a blog – a medium that shows your authority in the field. For example, if you are a plumber, your videos could be about how to remove a small drain clog using items that can be purchased at Home Depot. This won’t take away from your business; customers are more likely to call you for problems they can’t solve on their own.

  1. Be yourself

We’ve all seen videos that were supposed to appeal to a certain demographic – but were created by someone that didn’t bother to do any research about that demographic. For example, at one time a very well known financial institution decided it was “all about dolla dolla bills y’all in attempt to provide financial literacy to a younger audience. A respected bank using Wu-Tang Clan lyrics is likely to cause confusion than conversations. When creating your videos, make sure your brand identity and values come through. That is what appeals to audiences over the long term.

Videos are an impactful way to reach your audience on social media, but you don’t have to go about making them on your own. Great West Digital is agency focused on smart, effective, holistic marketing campaigns that get results. Contact us today to learn more about video creation for social media, and other tools that help establish your brand and convert customers.

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