Marketing Tips During a Recession

Marketing Tips During a Recession

It looks like Alberta is on track for yet another big recession. That’s the bad news. The good news is, you cantake action and defray the impact to your business now. It’s been proven time and time again that advertising during a downturn works.To help you get started, here are some tips on how to keep marketing when you need to drastically cut your advertising budget.

Get ready for a change

First, recognize that you must think outside of the box. If you have traditionally relied on static methods like billboards, bus benches, and flyers, it may be hard to switch to other mediums. However, the world and the economy are changing – so your strategy must change too.

Think digital

People are out and about less and that means less eyes on your static ads. Digital advertising comes in at a fraction of the cost of traditional ads, yet its impact is just as – if not – greater. Digital advertising can be tracked, and reports show you exactly which medium is the most effective for your brand. You also get analytics on the demographic you are reaching. No need to do surveys about who saw your ad when analytics provide this information in minutes.

Think social

Digital and social ads go hand in hand. Whether you choose to marketthrough blogs orsponsored content, you can easily promote that content on social media. The content reaches an incredibly broad audience (especially now that we are all isolating and on our devices more) and is organically shared across other viewers’ social networks. If that isn’t effective advertising, what is?!

Refresh your website

Now is the time to change up your website and have it search engine optimized (SEO). Through the strategic use of keywords, you can increase traffic to your website. Go a step further and add e-commerce, which helps people stay at home while still being able to shop for what you offer. The other great thing about a website is that you can add an on-site blog. This gives you even more space to keep adding SEO keywords, not to mention that you can share the blog on social media. A website is a marketing strategy that just keep on giving.

Think stories, not sales

Story-based ads are a soft approach and the foil to hard-hitting sale ads. In times of stress, people react better to storytelling than being told what to buy, where to get it, and act now before it’s too late! Avoid urgency (even though you may feel some urgency to sell). Sponsored content, Facebook ads, blogs, and more have the word counts to present storytelling (company history, community involvement, celebrating milestones, sending clients well wishes during this time, etc.). This approach is great for brand boosting.

Go pro

Things are hard enough on individuals and businesses right now without the added stress of taking your marketing in a completely new direction on your own. Reach out for help. The experts at Great West Digital have a variety of marketing strategies that are both affordable and effective. The team is set up to help you remotely. Call now to get started.


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