Local Shopping: How to Encourage this Habit with Your Buyers

Local Shopping: How to Encourage this Habit with Your Buyers

As the new normal settles in, consumers must learn to make do without many of their mainstays as several large brands are restructuring or closing their Canadian retail locations. Just some of the chains closing or reducing their footprint include David’s Tea, GNC, Starbucks, Addition Elle, Army & Navy, Aldo, Pier 1, Things Engraved, and Bose. Yet, all along there have been local shops and services offering the same items as these larger brands. The pandemic shifted the focus back to the stores in our hometowns – and the entrepreneurs that work hard to provide jobs and give back to the community. “Support local” became a rallying cry among shop owners and shoppers alike but now that things are opening up again, how can local business owners keep the momentum going?

Adapt, adapt, adapt – then adapt some more

It always seems drastic when a large brand goes under because we assume the company is backed by investors and liquid with cash and assets. However, many of the largest brands that have struggled or closed over the years (such as Sears, Kodiak, Eaton’s) were not victims of product quality or lack of shoppers. They were victims of failing to adapt to the times. The demands of consumers change and the brands that don’t adapt lose customers. The pandemic quickly ushered in new consumer experience. Shoppers want to feel safe, know that distancing is encouraged and that they can get the products they want in-store, curbside, or online. Entrepreneurs must listen to what shoppers need and adapt.


Many local shops are used to their loyal customers and tourists, but now is an ideal time to attract even more buyers. Shoppers are actively looking for alternatives now that major brands are closing. Thanks to digital marketing, companies of all sizes, be they solo-run or a small brick and mortar business, can afford to advertise online. Digital is affordable, agile, fast to set up, and runs the gambit from programmatic displays to sponsored content, LSO, responsive websites, and more. Whether you need a new website that supports online shopping or Facebook ads that promote a special sale, digital advertising has a solution that works.

Explore your Options

Entrepreneurs are very busy, leaving little time to work on the business. The pandemic, however, has created a massive paradigm shift in consumerism, and those that can be agile and shift to meet buyers’ demands are in an ideal position. Consult with a digital strategist today to learn how you can help the shop local trend became part of the new normal.


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