Meet Jennifer Bath-Yofonoff

Meet Jennifer Bath-Yofonoff

Great West Newspapers &Great West Digital Agency enjoy creating marketing strategies for a variety of clients and businesses, and we’re featuring some of the faces behind the brand’s most successful campaigns. Today we meet Jennifer Bath-Yofonoff, Digital Media Strategist: Central & Southern Alberta.

Jennifer has enjoyed a long and productive career in graphic design. When the field shifted to digital, she found it to be a natural transition.

What do you love about your job?

I love introducing clients and sales specialists to the different options we offer for our clients to increase their advertising in the digital realm.

What is one cool thing that you do or has happened to you that you find memorable?

Funnily enough, I found I was missing the creative end of design, so I went in search of an outlet and have taken up pottery. I have discovered that while I can pull items off the wheel, I enjoy freehand sculpting and am planning some garden dragons this year!

What are your top three pics for work/life balance?

My three picks for work life balance are beach time as much as possible, spending time with my family, and getting together with friends for barbecue and games.

Top three must-haves in your fridge/pantry?

Must have herbal tea! Must have varied and sometimes weird flavours of cheese. My family loves sushi and this is definitely a must have.

What’s on your playlist?

I love a varied selection of music, but I am an 80s buff with a little Nickelback and Chris Daughtry thrown in.

If you had to choose between pie and cake, which one wins?

Huckleberry pie, hands down!

What is one thing everyone should know about digital advertising?

I think the one thing everyone should know about digital advertising – wait, I can only choose one?! I’d say the value of the information that you get from reporting in order to optimize your campaign. I love to share with clients how we are targeting their optimal audience and how effective the campaign is through the reporting that accompanies our work.

If you would like a FREE assessment of your marketing plan, please reach out to Jennifer HERE.


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