Great West Digital: Who We Are and Why It Matters

Great West Digital: Who We Are and Why It Matters

Who is Great West Digital? We are the agile digital marketing firm that helps businesses of all sizes stand out online. Social media advertising? We do that. PPC? One of our specialities. Sponsored content? We can put your story in any of our online newspapers across Alberta. With digital and story-based advertorials taking over the marketing world, we are the trusted, local choice you need right now.

Why Does Digital Matter?

The world continues to change and as it does, the way we interact, buy, make decisions, and advertising changes as well. It’s all connected. Many a great corporate empire has toppled, not because of a lack of sales, but because of failing to move with the times. Digital is not going anywhere. In fact, digital marketing is increasing in popularity. Statista calls it “one of the most important forms of marketing worldwide.” In Canada, digital advertising has surpassed print by claiming a whopping 61 percent share. Digital is the future of marketing and the future is now. This is why we matter. Great West Digital presents a local, affordable, curated and very targeted marketing approach for Albertan entrepreneurs.

Our history is in the newspaper business. Great West Newspapers has more than 20 publications across the province. We’ve been a trusted news source for many years, and that means when your ads appear anywhere on our network, readers know they are coming from an established, trusted, recognized publication. They trust us and that trust is transferred to your brand.

We Specialize in What Makes You Special

Many marketing firms tout a “formula” for online success, but we take a different route. Your brand is unique. We take the time to really explore the who and why behind your business so we can create a strategy from the ground up that is unique to you and you alone. There are many different digital marketing tools. We only use the ones that will work for your company.

We Believe Digital Marketing is for Everyone

Another thing that makes Great West Digital different among the many specialists out there is the fact that we know digital marketing is for everyone. Whether you are a home-based business, part of a franchise, have a brick-and-mortar location, are just starting out, or are a national corporation, our method and strategies will work for you. We take just as much time with the business owners working from their home as we do with the major brands that have a PR team on staff. At the end of the day, it’s about getting your products and services noticed by your target method – and at that, we excel.

We Care – We Really Do!

The advantage of working with a local digital marketing firm is that we shop at your stores, we know your brands, and we live and play in the communities in which you operate. Your success is our success. We help you build up the community because we care about the companies that support our local economy.

You Won’t be Disappointed

We are pleased to meet you and look forward to helping you grow your brand. We are enthusiastic about what we do and can’t wait to get started on your strategy. Who are we? The local digital marketing choice that never fails to provide the results you need in a changing world. Contact us today.


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