Great West Digital Agency – A Formal Introduction

Great West Digital Agency – A Formal Introduction

Great West Digital Agency is pleased to meet you. Well, the truth is, you already know who we are – you just don’t realize it yet. Let us explain.

The origins of newspapers can be traced back to the 1600s and they’ve been a great source of information, connection, and advertising ever since. Before the internet, the best way for small businesses to advertise, was to take out ad space in the local paper. Things started changing in the 90’s with the digital revolution. Small businesses discovered a whole new way to get their name out there.

Did you know that Great West Digital is a division of Great West Newspapers. A Canadian community publisher with the headquarters in St. Albert and digital media strategists across the province. Great West and its subsidiaries (Rocky View Publishing Ltd, Mountain View Publishing Inc, and Alberta Business Research Ltd.) are among 20 of them, and all of those titles are published in Alberta.

Great West Newspapers is invested in Canada and has roots in your hometown. This company has provided the news you need and the advertising space for businesses of all sizes for many years. Local papers like this are a necessity for small businesses; Great West Newspapers has helped hundreds of local retailers reach their target markets.

Part of Great West Newspapers’ success is its agility. Publications have folded, because they avoided the digital trend. Great West Newspapers embraced it and opened Great West Digital.

Great West Digital is a part of Great West Newspapers. We are local, experienced, and invested in helping to grow Canadian businesses. In other words, Great West Digital knows you. We have designed our products and services to make your company successful

Willy Grant, the director of digital marketing at Great West Digital, explains. “We help strategize, develop, design, manage and optimize our clients’ online presence. We are passionate about helping our clients find the right audience, tell their story, connect, drive sales, spread awareness, drive engagement, increase brand loyalty and increase action. Great West Digital is a full service digital marketing agency.”

More than 80 per cent of Canadians use the internet and among those users, nearly half are using it for news, browsing for goods, and shopping. Companies without an online presence are alienating half of their Canadian buyers. To be competitive your business needs to be online, whether it’s one simple but perfectly optimized page that tells clients who you are and where they can find you, or a website with e-commerce, a blog, video content, and more.

With more than 1.5 billion websites online it’s not enough to just grab a template and put up a website. The fundamentals of advertising have not changed since the days of newsprint. To reach your audience you must identify and appeal directly to your target market. Digital marketing can help you do this in an incredibly precise way.

That’s why it is our pleasure to meet you. (Even though we’ve kind of been here all along). Our parent company, Great West Newspapers, knows the Canadian consumer; knows and understands small, medium and large business needs; and has had your best interests in mind for many years. Great West Digital opened already espousing all those values, but with the added benefit of being able to take your brand to new heights through digital advertising technology and website creation.

We are ready, willing, and able to help your company excel and best of all, we are right in your own backyard.

Great West Digital

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