How the client discovery process creates intelligent marketing

How the client discovery process creates intelligent marketing

Advertising has changed quite a bit over the years. Newspaper ads, broadcast commercials, and billboards are no longer dominant tactics. The digital marketplace has acted as a Swiss Army tool for small businesses in terms of marketing. Its massive reach has created all-encompassing digital marketing campaigns.

But these opportunities can be overwhelming and difficult to track. Startups come and go, which means marketing initiatives don’t always last long enough to become standardized. It’s also easy to fall victim to scams, because the industry can become diluted with misinformation about acceptable tactics.

That’s why we’ve set up our system to focus on the needs of the clients, rather than focusing on the tactics available. Marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all, and we recognize this fact from our initial meeting. We call this meeting a client discovery, and we’re super excited to talk about the process.

Getting the needs of our client

Our client discovery process starts with a simple meeting with a decision maker at a business. The goal is to sit down for a chat. We don’t use this conversation as an opportunity to sell anything, but rather we just want to know how business is going.

Think of this as a verbal SWOT analysis, or a look into the successes and opportunities that our prospective clients face. We then get a feel for the budget, and try to figure out what makes each business special.

We love listening, and we love helping people even more. It’s what makes us different, and we’re always looking to create new relationships based on trust. We trust the information we’re receiving is transparent, and we hope our clients walk away feeling like they’ve left their goals in the right hands.

From there, we get started on the work that we believe really matters: figuring out how to make your business shine even brighter.

A custom-tailored presentation

Once we’ve figured out what your business needs, we get to work on making a no-nonsense marketing proposal. Maybe you’re just looking to boost awareness, because your current conversion models are working tremendously. No problem! We’ll suggest awareness-only tactics.

If your awareness is good, but your digital storefront could be better, we’ll take care of your conversion, too! We’d rather focus on what you think your business needs, rather than focusing on what the industry thinks your business needs.

Our goal with our client discovery process is to create a snapshot of what makes your business special so we can share it with the outside world. Contact us today to book your client discovery to make the most of your digital marketing initiatives.

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