Are Stories the Future of Social Media?

Are Stories the Future of Social Media?

What grabs your attention when scrolling Facebook? Is it the sponsored content that lists several facts about a company? Or is the sponsored content that leads in with an eye-catching sentence then takes you on an emotional journey? The latter is story-based content, and we at Great West Digital feel it is the future of social media advertising.

What is Story-Based Content?

Story-based content informs the reader about the products, services, and achievements of a company, but in a way that is more entertaining and engaging than past methods. It tells the story of how things came to be, and why that product or service matters.

What Makes Story-Based Content Different from Traditional Ads?

Before social media, ads were based on sizes. Companies had to fit their brand message into a square; the larger the square, the more it would cost. The result was a focus on logos, taglines, and quick-to-the-point quips. Thanks to social media, more can be had for less. A Facebook or Instagram post has enough room to connect on an emotional level with the reader, as opposed to a primarily visual one as with static traditional ads. The ability to add music, video, gifs, and graphics is also impactful, as entertaining stories hold the reader’s interest longer.

Why do Stories Resonate?

Stories are entertaining, but also help us form connections. As a business owner, you want consumers to feel connected to your brand. Stories are the bridge between the buyer you have never met and your brand.

For example, a static ad simply lists your products: ABC Bakery provides fresh bread daily. With that line you know you can get fresh bread at ABC Bakery. But, can’t you get fresh bread at any bakery? What makes ABC stand out? Let’s find out in a story. I’ve been baking for friends and family my whole life. In 2018 I took the plunge and opened my own bakery. Who doesn’t love a local success story? What entrepreneur can’t relate to this? In just a few words the story-based lead-in provides background, branding, and product identification.

Are Story-Based Ads Expensive?

No. Story-based ads cost less than traditional advertising. Digital advertising is the great equalizer. By choosing Pay Per Click or one of a variety of other methods, companies of all sizes can get great story-based ads on social media within their budget.

Do I Have to Write my Own Story-Based Ads?

Again, no. Great West Digital, a leader in transformational digital advertising, can take care of your story-based ads from A to Z. We gain an understanding of what you offer and your branding. Then we craft copy that engages the reader and really shows your audience how – and why – your products bring value to their life. On the technical side, we promote your story-based ad using our RON setup that spans the province. Each ad is shareable across social media, creating an opportunity for an extended organic reach. We don’t stop there! Each ad campaign is monitored to ensure it is effectively reaching your target audience, and that readers are engaging with clicks, likes, shares, and read the time.

The world of advertising has changed

Social media has radically changed the world of advertising, but you don’t have to be an “influencer” to have effective story-based ads. Our professional, proven, effective approach brings your brand to this powerful advertising platform. Contact us today to learn more.







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