Personalization in Digital Marketing

Personalization in Digital Marketing

You’ve heard it time and time again – the only way to be successful with your marketing is to connect with your customers. This is true, but when it comes to digital marketing, how can you make that connection? The Internet is a big wide web with millions of users across a variety of demographics. How does one position a brand to personally appeal to just one or two segments?

Don’t worry – it’s easier than you think!

Analytics: So Much More than Data

Before digital marketing, the best way to understand your target audience was to hire a research firm or wade through volumes of studies. Companies could also do their own market research – that is, if time and money were available to devote to calling people and asking them to answer customer surveys over the phone. Although time consuming and expensive, these methods worked very well. With a clear understanding of who their clients were, companies built marketing strategies around the needs of their consumers.

Then the digital revolution took off, spawning a host of social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Google rose to power becoming a global force. Suddenly there was a treasure trove of data available from demographics all over the world – people from different cultures, age brackets, geographies, political affiliations, and economic situations were using social media and Google. The age of analytics was born.

Analytics assess who is doing what online and provides that information to interested parties. These sites access who is using the site, and why. This is based on information users provide when they sign up for the service or opt in for cookies.

The benefit to your company is that the market research is done for you. Not only can you use analytics to see which platforms (LinkedIn, blogs, Facebook, etc.) your demographic prefers, you can see if the content you are producing is engaging (via clicks, likes, shares, etc.) that demographic as well.

Time to Get Personal

With site analytics available to anyone with a business account on social media and Google, personalizing your digital marketing is easy. If you want to appeal to Baby Boomers, you can learn what products and services are trending for them (thanks to keyword research). If you want to appeal to new mothers, again you can reach them directly by incorporating the same keywords they are using in search engines.

We Take Your Success Personally

Even though analytics are readily available, the data must still be interpreted, and a digital marketing strategy thoughtfully designed. That’s where we come in.

Great West Digital is a leader in Alberta when it comes to personalizing marketing strategies. With a full understanding of what your company offers and its long-term goals, we personalize a strategy for your brand and for your audience. We do this by interpreting the data, creating a plan, and then using analytic feedback to ensure the plan is working. Unlike non-digital campaigns that rely on one big roll out (like televised ads) we can adjust the strategy as necessary. For example, shifting operations online during the COVID-19 pandemic, and letting customers know important things like if you provide curbside pickup, are easy to do in the middle of an existing digital campaign.

Let Great West Digital build a smart, holistic, strategy that personally speaks to your audience. Contact us today to learn more.