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Proof of Purchase: Brands that Survived – and Thrived – by Advertising During a Downturn

by Garima Aggarwal • May 4, 2020

These are hard times. Between the pandemic and the economic crash, many business owners are wondering if their brands will survive. The good news is, there is proof that your business can come through and not only survive, but thrive! Let’s look at companies that used hard economic times as fuel for growth. Brands that […]

Meet Jennifer Bath-Yofonoff

by Garima Aggarwal • April 27, 2020

Great West Newspapers &Great West Digital Agency enjoy creating marketing strategies for a variety of clients and businesses, and we’re featuring some of the faces behind the brand’s most successful campaigns. Today we meet Jennifer Bath-Yofonoff, Digital Media Strategist: Central & Southern Alberta. Jennifer has enjoyed a long and productive career in graphic design. When the […]

Here’s Why Advertising During a Bad Economy Works

by Garima Aggarwal • April 27, 2020

Let’s say you want to get healthier. After jumping on the scale, you decide the best way is to severely restrict your food intake so you can lose weight. However, after several miserable weeks of feeling hungry all the time, your weight barley budges and even worse – you feel sluggish and even more unhealthy. […]

Times Have Changed. Your Business Should Too.

by Garima Aggarwal • April 20, 2020

Great West Digital helps you redefine your customer base and how you reach consumers, now and after the crisis. Businesses of all sizes across Alberta went from operating normally to being shut down or only able to operate online – and this happened in the blink of an eye. No amount of pre-planning, business insurance, […]