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Think differently.

Great West Digital thinks differently about marketing. Since we believe in a holistic marketing strategy. Catered to each individual client. When we design your marketing programs we take into consideration the purchase cycle of your business.

Firstly, we conduct a Client Discovery meeting with you to find out about your business, and where you need help with marketing – awareness, engagement, or conversion. Next, we look at the different stages of your purchase cycle and analyze your current marketing strategy. After, we will create a beautiful custom presentation for you that directly speaks to the marketing needs of your business.

At Great West Digital, we work on your marketing to help you focus on your business. Basically we accomplish this by leveraging our vast network to reach new audiences. We ensure a worry-free production from inception to execution. When you work with our partners, we are ensuring your brand identity stays unique to your business.

At Great West Digital we give new audiences and unlimited opportunities

New audiences. Unlimited opportunities.

With our partners throughout Great West Newspapers, we have access to an incredible network of news websites across Alberta. We have developed a reputation for being the go-to digital agency for businesses to reach local and new audiences. Great West Digital offers our clients endless opportunities by combining our news website with our network of industry leading partners. You no longer need to decide on which platform to focus on considering we help you create and manage all of your business pages online..

Our services are flexible and easy to understand. Because we work with a diverse set of clients in a variety of industries. We ensure our services are easily digestible by businesses in any stage of their marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking for a new website or a way to reach new customers online without an existing presence, set up a consultation with Great West Digital Agency today.

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